Sunlitt tells you the direction of the sun at a specific moment: set the hour and the date to discover what direction the sunlight will be.

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Privacy Policy

We know how important your privacy is and that’s why we don’t collect any kind of data from Sunlitt.Sunlitt requires your permission to obtain your current location that is used locally inside the app to calculate the correct sun position and sunlight direction, which depends on latitude, longitude and timezone. The location is also used to display your current position on the map in Map Mode.Sunlitt uses your location only while you use the app and we don’t collect or store your location data.If you have any questions or doubts about our Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Sunlitt is made by a team of wonderful and diverse people.

Leonardo Bertinelli
Product lead & iOS Dev

Davide Biancardi
SunKit Developer

Raffaele Fulgente
UI/UX Designer

Clelia Iovine
Project Manager

Nicolas Mariniello
Tech lead & iOS Dev

Fabio Pizzano
UI/UX Designer

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If you purchased Sunlitt when it was a paid app, you are eligible to get Sunlitt Pro free of charge, unlocking all the features of the app without spending anything more.Choose one of the following methods to redeem Sunlitt Pro for free:

1. Upgrade to iOS 16 (recommended)
The best and fastest way to do it is just to upgrade your iPhone to iOS16. As soon as you open Sunlitt you will have everything unlocked for free without any further action.

2. Contact Us
If you don't want to upgrade to iOS 16, just send us the Order ID from the Invoice that Apple sent you when you purchased Sunlitt from the App Store. You can contact us with this form .